Bill Belichick To Coach Another Sport? NFL World Reacted

Bill Belichick is the best head coach in NFL history. He has made a name for himself over the years and yes, he will leave a huge legacy behind. Belichick built a dynasty in New England and the Patriots won six rings during his time with the team.

NFL analysts made several predictions about Belichick’s future. Well, he is nearing the end of his NFL career. Belichick won’t coach the Patriots forever. He has a major task on the table. Tom Brady left the Patriots in 2020 and signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His departure left a big void on the Patriots roster. Belichick had to find a replacement right away. He had Cam Newton for a year, but decided to go with Mac Jones. The Alabama prospect showed great potential in training camp and the Patriots gave him the leading role. Jones had to fill a big void and it wasn’t easy at all.

Belichick won’t leave the Patriots without giving them the right quarterback. Jones has the potential to take the position. Belichick will probably stick around long enough to make sure that Jones is the right person to lead the team.

Now we have people saying that Belichick could coach another sports.

Bill Belichick to coach lacrosse team

The Premier Lacrosse League could benefit from Belichick’s experience in the coaching world.

Paul Rabil of the PLL said that Belichick can really coach a lacrosse team. Oh, is this even possible?

NFL fans may have a reason to panic right now. No one can even cope with the idea of seeing Belichick coach another sports. He is the best NFL coach and fans wouldn’t let him change this. He would definitely be equally successful as a lacrosse coach.

Belichick won’t go anywhere at 70. He loves the game and the NFL is his home. Why would he make a chance now? The Patriots need him and Belichick knows it really well.

When it comes to the Patriots, they are entering another big season. Belichick is leading the way, as usual.