DeVante Parker Reveals His Early Impression Of Mac Jones

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman made the best quarterback-wide receiver duo. These two led the New England Patriots to many wins back in the days. DeVante Parker and Mac Jones have a chance to do the same.

Head coach Bill Belichick used the 15th overall to get Jones in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Alabama prospect wasn’t the top pick in the class, but he was definitely a pleasant surprise. Jones helped the Patriots win many games last season. This wasn’t enough and the team lost the wild-card game to the Buffalo Bills. One thing stands for sure. Jones beat an experienced quarterback last summer and earned the job in New England. He is expected to do a lot of great things in his football career. Hopefully, the Patriots will get the best of his talent.

DeVante Parker and Mac Jones work on strong chemistry

New England lacked receivers, but Belichick didn’t make too many moves to add depth to the receiving unit. He traded for Parker and this trade may be one of the best moves for the team.

Parker has plenty of experience and a 1,000-yard season. Creating a strong bond with Jones and other Patriots players is a priority. Is this even possible? Parker didn’t spend much time with the Patriots, but he sure likes Jones’ potential.

“He’s a leader. He’s a young guy, but he’s vocal as a leader. That’s what this team needs,” Parker said after a voluntary OTA practice on Tuesday. “I’ve been out here (only) a few weeks, but I see it.”

NFL quarterbacks need strong targets and Parker is working on his bond with Jones. They have to build more trust when it comes to firing long balls and contested catches.

“If he likes what he sees, it builds up confidence in him to have confidence in me to throw the ball up,” Parker added.

Having an experienced receiver is of great help for the Patriots. They have a few options on the roster and Parker brings enough experience and confidence to the team. Edelman retired and the Patriots need a strong No.1 option in 2022.