Ex Laker Lawyers React to Felony Drug Trafficking Charge

Former Laker Montrezl Harrell faces felony drug trafficking charge and his lawyers have delivered a statement to make things clear.

According to Drew Findling and Marissa Goldberg of Findling Law in Atlanta, Harrell wasn’t driving the car and he just received a ticket to appear in court. Moreover, lawyers claim the police never arrested Harrell.

“We want to be clear that Mr. Harrell was not driving the vehicle and following the stop he was only given a ticket to appear in court at a later date for a marijuana-related charge as were all occupants of the vehicle.

“Mr. Harrell was never placed under arrest. We believe that there are legal and factual issues with this case that will be addressed in court, if that becomes necessary.

“Mr. Harrell, is a devoted family man and a committed professional basketball player and has never been a part of any form of marijuana trafficking or any other illegal activity.”

Former Laker deals with serious consequences amid felony drug trafficking charge

This situation will have a huge impact on Harrell’s career. He is a free agent and this court thing happened at the worst time possible. NBA teams may not go after someone who faces felony drug trafficking charge. Harrell’s talent may not save him. He was the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year in 2019-20. He struggled on the defensive end of the game though. Some fear that charge will put an end to his NBA career.

The Lakers signed Harrell to a two-year deal. Rob Pelinka traded him to the Washington Wizards after a year as he wanted to get Russell Westbrook. The Wizards traded Harrell to the Charlotte Hornets and here he is… looking for a new home.

One Western Conference executive discussed Harrell’s situation, saying that NBA teams will move on to the next player on the list. Harrell is not the top option at the moment. He is not even the second best option at his position. Six. He is the sixth option on the list of centers on the market. Terrible situation, right? Let’s see what happens next. Things may turn well for the former Laker.