NBA GM Discusses LeBron James Future With Lakers

LeBron James switched teams a few seasons ago, but the Los Angeles Lakers front office is definitely asking questions about his future. The four-time NBA champion came to LA to add a few more rings to his portfolio. The Lakers won a title a couple of seasons ago, but things didn’t work really well for the team last season. Many believe that the Lakers will rebuild the roster. Some analysts predicted a big change. Will LeBron even consider leaving the team? Will Pelinka trade for another superstar?

Sean Deveney from Heavy talked to a Western Conference GM. The general manager doesn’t believe that the Lakers will contact the Brooklyn Nets in free agency.

“There is no sign that LeBron wants to leave L.A.,” the Western Conference GM explained. “That is just, it’s where all his business ventures are, it is where he wants to retire. It is a huge, huge long shot to think he will not be with the Lakers when his career ends. But, would he pass up a chance to go play with KD to finish his career?

“They are not great friends but they have a lot of respect for each other, they like each other, I think they recognize that they both raised their levels because of the other guy. So, if Brooklyn keeps its cap space open, depending on what happens with Kyrie (Irving, who has a player option), LeBron could have that option, go to Brooklyn and play there in 2023. But they could make it happen.”

LeBron James has great plans for his future with the Lakers

LeBron has a few reasons to stay in LA. He brought his business in town and fans don’t really think that he’d go somewhere else. His kids now attend LA schools. Bronny is building a name for himself. Why would LeBron leave Los Angeles at this point?

“But I think there’s two things I have to say that are very important here,” Windhorst noted during a May 5, 2022 episode of “First Take.” “The first is that LeBron wants to be a Laker. Regardless of what he may have said in moments of frustration last year and regardless of his concept of playing with his son or someday retiring a Cavalier or whatever. LeBron wants to be a Laker. He wants to live in Los Angeles. He loves living in Los Angeles, his son Bronny is a senior at Sierra Canyon in the Valley this year. He wants to be able to take part and enjoy his senior season. He still believes he can take the Lakers to heights. He wants to be a Laker.”

KD, Kyrie Irving, and other superstars would be perfect additions for the Lakers. However, Pelinka may move on with his current team. He has a new head coach and Darvin Ham could make all the difference in this world.