Former NFL Exec Reveals What DeVante Parker Can Bring to Patriots

The New England Patriots had a few reasons to trade for DeVante Parker and he seems to be an excellent addition to the team. Parker has established an excellent connection with Mac Jones and other Patriots players. Head coach Bill Belichick was pretty sure about this move and Parker showed great performance in spring OTAs. Getting him was the first move Belichick made.

Will Parker be the No.1 receiver for the Patriots? Belichick got him through a trade deal with the Miami Dolphins and as you may be guessing, Mike Tannenbaum can easily predict Parker’s future with the Pats. Tannenbaum was the Dolphins general manager in 2015, the same year Miami selected Parker. In other words, he knows everything about the talented player. If you ask Tannenbaum, he will say that the Louisville product is a really good fit for the Patriots.

“You’re getting someone who can win on the outside,” Tannenbaum told ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “Big catch radius and good at high-pointing the ball. Really effective with in-breaking routes and in the red zone. He’s a very likeable, fun-loving person who is a great teammate — always smiling, never had a bad day.

“Injuries have been a problem, and you just hope he can put it together for 17 games. I wouldn’t say his play speed is elite, but (if healthy) he’s a very good starting NFL receiver who can be scoring eight to 12 touchdowns and making contested catches.”

Patriots trust DeVante Parker

New England lacked receivers and corners which makes Parker a really special addition to the team. Belichick will fill the other holes on the roster. His receiving units looks good at the moment and players have shown promising performance. Nelson Agholor had some struggles in 2021, but he looks much better this time.

Parker has great words for Jones and praised his leadership. Jones is relatively young, but he is an excellent leader. That’s what the Patriots need right now. A strong leader and reliable targets.

Parker and his teammates have accepted a really big challenge and the 2022 season may be the most important season in his career.