Former Patriots QB Hypes up Mac Jones Heading Into Minicamp

The New England Patriots were in a rather awkward quarterback position last offseason. They had Cam Newton at center, but Belichick selected a rookie and made him compete with the 2015 NFL MVP. Mac Jones got the job and the Patriots got rid of Newton. Well, the former Patriots QB has nothing but words of praise for Jones.

In 2021, Jones threw for 3,801 yards and 22 touchdowns. He led the team to a seven-game winning streak and made the Pro Bowl. The Alabama quarterback set up the foundation of a solid NFL career.

“Mac Jones is gonna be a great quarterback,” Newton said on ‘The Pivot’ podcast. “I’d put Mac Jones at that 20-ish threshold. He a young gun, all right?”

The former Patriots QB praises Jones

Jones will do a wonderful job in the upcoming season. He has to bond with his new teammates and guess what… We won’t even question his potential. Bill Belichick really likes Jones’ performance and he can only get better in time.

“I was still learning the offense seven to eight weeks into the season,” Newton said. “I’m learning systems mentally. As a quarterback — it’s not just, ‘Can you catch?’ … You can disguise that. As a quarterback — you have to look the part, act the part and be the part.”

Newton is incredibly mobile, but he wasn’t a good fit for the Patriots. The team got him with one major reason. Tom Brady left the team in free agency and Belichick needed an experienced quarterback. He had Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer in the fold, but Belichick was looking for another option.

New England has a quarterback who can make a change and it looks like he has an army of supporters. Newton is definitely a fan!

Jones spent time with his team and he is working on his connection with DeVante Parker and other receivers. This chemistry will take the team to a win. New England lost the wild-card game to the Buffalo Bills and this loss motivated players to give their best. It will be a long summer and fans are looking forward to a great season. It’s showtime!