How Bill Belichick Feels About Being Impersonated By Julian Edelman

Bill Belichick and Julian Edelman did a lot of great things together. Edelman was a Patriot for over a decade and now he is retired. Well, we should all agree that Edelman will be a Patriot forever. He may be out of the football field, but he is definitely interested into every move his team makes.

Edelman won a few rings during his time with the Patriots and also earned the 2018 Super Bowl MVP award. Well, Edelman has other qualities, too. He is doing an excellent job when it comes to photoshopping photos. He is also great in impersonating Belichick. Guess what… Belichick seems to be fed up with this. The former Patriots wideout talked about on the I AM ATHLETE podcast.

“I just saw him recently. I went and visited the team,” Edelman said. “He was like, ‘Look, like, if I have to turn on the (expletive) TV and see you doing me every (expletive) day — like, what are we (expletive) doing here?’ Like that’s what he would say to me. I’m over here sitting on eggshells. I’m still scared of the guy, I don’t even play for him. He’s like the emperor or something, you know what I mean? So I walk in, I’m like, ‘Hey, coach. You know it’s all out of love.’ He goes, ‘Look, just shut the (expletive) up.’ “

Bill Belichick taught Julian Edelman a lesson

Makes sense. Belichick doesn’t use social media and he is definitely not a fan of childish behavior. He is all in when it comes to winning games and that’s the only thing that matters. Will Edelman understand the warning? Will he continue doing his thing?

Edelman is a funny guy and he likes to tease others. He enjoys making people laugh and yes, he has an army of NFL fans. Edelman is one of the best receivers in league history. That’s why Belichick tolerates his behavior.

There have been several rumors about Edelman’s potential return to the football field. He didn’t even try to shut down these rumors which is a good thing.