Lakers Among Top Favorites to Make NBA History in 2023

The Los Angeles Lakers are entering a really important season. They missed the chance to make the NBA Finals in 2022 and Rob Pelinka has a big task on his table. LeBron James and Anthony Davis missed big chunk of the regular season due to injuries. Lakers players have to stay healthy and strong in order to make the playoffs in 2023.

Pelinka has to make inevitable changes. Firing Frank Vogel was the first thing he did. Darvin Ham stepped in as a replacement and he will have to lead the team to a title. According to BetMGM, Ham has the ninth-best odds to get his third ring this season. He won a ring as a player and NBA assistant. Now is the perfect time to get a ring as a head coach. As you may be guessing, the Golden State Warriors are expected to win the championship again.

Stephen Curry and his teammates won the title this season. The Celtics lost the chance to win the 17th title. Now they are tied with the Lakers for the most titles in league history.

James Worthy couldn’t be happier about this. He was really happy about the Celtics’ inability to win a championship.

Lakers to make a splash in 2023

The Lakers may have a chance to win a title, but they have to rebuild the roster and get rid of players who can’t make an impact. Grant Hughes from Bleacher Report has an advice.

“The Lakers cannot realistically expect to contend in 2022-23, and their long-term prospects will be bleak if they don’t replenish their stock of picks and young talent. Davis, in particular, could still net a hefty return in trade,” Hughes wrote. “Big picture, the NBA may now be operating in the post-superteam era; the homegrown Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors are in the Finals. Yet Los Angeles seems most likely to resist the organic-growth trend. It’ll try to win in the short term and then bank on free agency and its big-market appeal to lure talent, just like it always has.

“There’s a slim chance it’ll all work out, but the better bet is that if the Lakers continue on this course, they’ll spend most of the next decade wishing they’d pulled the ripcord when they had the chance.”