LeBron James Delivers 3-Word Message For Steph Curry

LeBron James and Stephen Curry didn’t have a chance to play on the same team, but they have nothing but respect for one another. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar watched Curry lead his team in the playoffs. The Warriors veteran did his best and dominated the floor in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

NBA fans couldn’t agree more. Curry did magic and his impeccable game left doubters speechless. He’s been around for a while and his game is still sharp. The Warriors had rough couple of seasons, but things work well for the team. Klay Thompson is back and Curry reunited with his favorite teammates.

In Game 4 of the Finals, Curry scored 43 points. The Warriors trust him for a reason. The Golden State never doubted Curry’s potential and here he is, leading the team to a title. Will the Warriors beat the Boston Celtics? The Celtics didn’t have a chance to win over the years and this may be their big chance. In other words, the Celtics will try harder than ever to place their hands on that trophy.

LeBron James warns doubters about Stephen Curry

King James watched Curry score 43 points and took to Twitter to deliver his praise.

“Chef is INSANE!” LeBron tweeted.

The king of basketball also warned those who doubt Curry.

“FACTS!!! ‘THEY’ will try to do anything in their powers to not acknowledge simply how ‘DIFFERENT’ he is,” LeBron wrote. “It’s Rare and rare is not liked & appreciated.”

Curry is one of the best players in the NBA. He is an excellent scorer and the Warriors are happy to have him. LeBron shocked everyone when he said that he’d love to play with Curry again. He reminded the world once again, telling people that he’d love to play with the Warriors in the playoffs. Yes, this won’t really happen, but it’s a good idea, right?

Curry and LeBron won a lot of games on Team USA. The powerful duo gave fans a lot of reasons to celebrate. Imagine them going against one another in the upcoming season. A real spectacle!