LeBron James is Brutally Honest on Celtics Biggest Mistake in Game 4 vs. Warriors

LeBron James watched Game 4 of the series between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors and he sure has something to say about the mistakes players made.

The Celtics made some huge mistakes in the game and LeBron addressed them. According to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar, the Celtics struggled with their shot selection in the game. Will NBA fans agree on this one?

The Warriors finished the game with a 107-97 win. Players made several mistakes during the game and LeBron has a suggestion. King James really believes that the Celtics should have tried harder to beat the Warriors. Veterans struggled to shoot and this is just a tiny bit of the puzzle. Will the Celtics take this into consideration in Game 5?

LeBron James advises Boston, warns about the Warriors

Boston did a good job and built a seven-point lead in the game. They had a good chance to win the game and even gained full control. Stephen Curry and his team regained control in the fourth quarterback beat Boston.

Curry was the star of the show. Boston players made things easier for him. They forced shots in the final stages and the offense struggled to make an impact. Warriors players took advantage of these mistakes and built a healthy lead.

LeBron was absolutely right about this. The Celtics made poor shot selection. Why did Ime Udoka score just three points at the end of the game? Curry’s team did 17. In the finals even minutes of the game, Celtics players managed to score six points.

Game 5 is really important for both teams. Curry has a chance to lead the Warriors to a 3-2 win. Yes, the NBA Finals are super tough and Boston has a chance to win a title after a really long time. Will Curry let them get away with it and win? No. Let’s see what happens in the next game. LeBron delivered his advice for Celtics players and they should get the best of it.

Finally, let’s not forget that LeBron would love to join the Warriors in the playoffs. The team matches his potential and he could do great things with Curry and Thompson.