LeBron James Writes Emotional Letter of Love and Appreciation to His Wife Savannah

LeBron James gets emotional every time he talks about his wife Savannah. That’s exactly what happened the last time LeBron took to Instagram to deliver a message for his queen.

LeBron and Savannah make the perfect couple. They are a match made in heaven and their love will live forever. These two have been making headlines from the very first moment they were spotted together.

In high school.

Yes, LeBron and Savannah are high school sweethearts. They are madly in love with one another and their love makes everything easier. Savannah has been his biggest support in life. LeBron knows it really well and he uses every opportunity to show his appreciation.

LeBron James got emotional for a reason

In his recent social media post, LeBron thanked Savannah for everything she has done in his life. She is always by his side and her strength helps him accomplish each and every plan. LeBron loves the fact that she is always there when he needs an advice. The king of basketball also admitted that he wouldn’t accomplish all this without his gorgeous lady.

“Where would I be today w/o you I think to myself quite often?” he wrote. The response? “Not even close to where you would have wanted to be in life!”

Fun fact? It’s not their anniversary. It’s not even her birthday! This was just an appreciation post to Savannah. That’s all. LeBron took his time to type an emotional message for his lady and this is our definition of love. May these two be an example to those who dream of finding a true love.

This powerful couple has three kids together. The oldest son, Bronny, follows LeBron’s footsteps and even Bryce Maximus is doing a wonderful job with his team. LeBron and Savannah are proud parents of their kids and Zhuri gives them a reason to smile. The little lady is building her own reputation and what can we say… She is already a star! Fashion diva, celebrity… You name it!

This love and support will motivate LeBron to do better in the upcoming season. Game on!