LeBron James Hints at a Big Media Move

LeBron James is always in the media and he may soon pull out another big move. The four-time NBA champion is successful in every aspect of life. His brilliant career has been making headlines from the very first moment he joined the NBA. LeBron was a star in high school and a lot of people follow his moves in the NBA. Well, the same goes to his business life. Fans and doubters want to know more about LeBron’s plans and ideas. He has a big surprise for everyone.

The Lakers superstar enjoys being in the spotlight. We have a feeling that he will be in the spotlight for a very long time. Yes, LeBron won’t play forever, but this won’t stop him from starting off a new project. He is all-in when it comes to winning. He may not win basketball games later in life, but he will definitely win everyone’s hearts.

LeBron shocks fans with possible big media move

The GOAT made some big comments on his future plans. Skip Bayless won’t like any of that. He is the No.1 LeBron doubter and the king’s plans won’t sit well with the talking head.

Can you imagine LeBron leading his own podcast? A lot of athletes have their podcasts and this helps them get all the attention in this world. Podcasts are great for those who want to be heard and those who help the less fortunate.

The king of basketball told the world that he wants to join a podcast or run his own. That would be great! LeBron uses his social media presence to address important topics and support people who need his help.

“Jumping on someone podcast soon. Maybe my own,” he said. 

Big Cat of Barstool Sports won’t have LeBron on his podcast.

LeBron’s comments made people talk and this definitely fueled the fire about his future. The king has a plan and this may be a tiny hint. Let’s see what happens next. LeBron’s podcast would be fire! Imagine all the topics and guests on his list…