Magic Johnson Shares His MVP Pick

NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson made his MVP pick and we aren’t really surprised. Well, some NBA fans were pretty shocked. Why did Johnson say this?

Johnson uses every opportunity to share his thoughts on social media and Twitter seems to be his favorite platform. NBA fans took notice of his most recent polarizing take and their reactions were… merciless. Sort of.

The former Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations made these comments right before Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors were playing against the Boston Celtics and Johnson thought it would be nice if he shakes up Celtics fans. According to Johnson, Stephen Curry should get his very first Finals MVP award. Well, players still have a long way to go and making a MVP pick at this point may not be the best option. The Warriors may lose the series which would make this situation even more awkward.

Johnson doesn’t mind any of this. He is pretty sure about Curry’s performance and the outcome of these Finals won’t make him change his mind.

Magic Johnson fuels a debate with his MVP pick

A group of fans disagreed with Johnson. Here’s what they said:

Let’s go all the way back to 2015. LeBron was averaging 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds, and 8.8 assists in the NBA Finals. He was leading a Cleveland Cavaliers team on his own. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love didn’t play and the Cavaliers celebrated two wins. However, the Golden State won the Finals and Andre Iguodala got the MVP honors.

The Warriors have to beat the Celtics to get the title. They haven’t won anything in the last few seasons and players may be motivated to try hard in Game 6. The same goes to the Celtics. They are desperately trying to win an award and this game will be a real challenge for players.

Let’s see who wins the series. LeBron praised Curry for his impeccable game. The Warriors veteran destroys defensive players on the opposing team as if it’s a piece of cake.