Nets Top Free Agent Reflects on Lakers Experience

Andre Drummond is a free agent and has plenty of time to talk about his experience with the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers. Drummond had an opportunity to play with the Lakers, but spent the final part of the season with the Nets.

Drummond made some surprising comments about the Lakers. If you are a Lakers fan and hope for Drummond’s return, it’s time to stop hoping. According to him, NBA players have to act differently to join the team. Drummond knows that the world has high expectations from Lakers players. These guys have to be prepared for each and every challenge on and off the court.

“Yeah the Lakers is exactly what you think it is man, you gotta be built differently to play for that organization, you gotta be mentally strong not only on the court but off the court too because there are so many expectations to being a Laker and putting that purple and gold on because if you ain’t living up to expectations they will let you know you ain’t worthy enough to put on that jersey,” Drummond said, as reported by Tyler Greenawalt of Yahoo Sports.

The free agent didn’t get the best of his Lakers experience

In his 25 games with the Lakers, Drummond averaged 11.9 points and 10.2 rebounds on 53.1% shooting. He had some issues on the floor and the Lakers didn’t see him as a good fit for the franchise.

Drummond likes his performance and keeps sharing his stats and emphasizing his impact. The former Laker boasts about his skills and he really believes that NBA teams can benefit from his skill set.

The Lakers could really use someone like Drummond, but they will probably sign another player.

LA has to make so many decisions this offseason. They need fresh power. Rob Pelinka has shown interest in several big names. Let’s see if some of these players make the roster. Drummond will sign with another team and the Lakers will find their luck somewhere else. It’s a long offseason and LA has plenty of time to find the best solution to their problems.