Patriots Building ‘New System’ on Offense in 2022

The New England Patriots accepted a big challenge early in the offseason. Josh McDaniels won’t lead the team’s offense next season. He is now coaching the Las Vegas Raiders. Head coach Bill Belichick didn’t reveal much about the Patriots offense in 2022, but we do know that everything will be different.

Who is the new offensive coordinator? Belichick?

Patriots wide receiver Kendrick Bourne shared his thoughts on the offensive plans. According to him, the team will have a new system. Want more details?

“New words, new terminology. That’s the biggest thing,” Bourne said at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts Golf Classic. “Football is football; I say it all the time. It’s lines on the paper, and you follow the lines, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to be a football player, and you have to sometimes adjust. You can’t just follow the exact line and get covered. You have to be a savvy football player.

“I’m getting paid to use my ability, and they put me in position to use my ability. So once I’m in position and know what I’m doing, now it’s time to use my ability, and that’s the biggest thing. So (I’m) learning the new terms and just building that relationship with the new coaches.”

Patriots offense to destroy teams in 2022

Belichick taught Bourne well. Bourne didn’t share too much information, but he did say a word or two. His comments weren’t too revealing. Bourne talked about the same topic with Mike Reiss and yes, this time he did say more than before.

“I think he’s putting us in position to be successful, so I’m excited so far,” Bourne told Reiss. “I’ve rushed the ball a lot and doing different things for myself, and he’s even using other players and their strengths. So hopefully we’ll have a great year, and we’ll see how it goes.”

Bourne is coming off of a good season and he came back even stronger. He is using every bit of his time to work on himself. He is stronger and more explosive. Yes, he likes his role with the Patriots. We have high expectations from Bourne’s season and his explosiveness.