Patriots Future Hall of Famer May Return in a Reduced Role

The New England Patriots lost a few valuable players in free agency. Dont’a Hightower may be one of them. He entered free agency and the Patriots may be without him in 2022. However, several NFL analysts believe that the future Patriots Hall of Famer may have a role on the team in the upcoming roster.

Hightower missed the entire 2020 season due to COVID concerns. In 2021, he had some issues on the football field.

The media showed great interest in Hightower and his potential role with the team. He is not on the current roster and his situation may not be that bright.

Zack Cox from NESN discussed Hightower’s potential role on the Patriots roster.

“If he did return, Hightower most likely would take on a reduced, more specialized role in a linebacking corps that coaches acknowledged needed to get faster and more explosive than it was in 2021,” Cox wrote.

“It’s also not clear whether Hightower, who would be the oldest player in New England’s front seven, even wants to continue playing, or whether he’d be interested in a non-starting role. An April report from The Athletic’s Jeff Howe indicated he was “still figuring out what he wants to do” and “could take a while longer” before he makes a decision.”

This may change everything. Hightower plays at high level. Returning in a reduced role doesn’t fit his criteria. This may force him to sign with another team. Analysts brought up the idea of him being a NFL coach. Hightower was a true leader in New England and this may help him make a decision. If he decides to become a coach, he will definitely be a good one.

There are so many opportunities on the table right now. Hightower has to make the best decision for his career. He is a star and we can’t really expect him to take a reduced role for the upcoming season. Let’s see what happens later in the offseason. Belichick will make many more changes this offseason. Some players will have to leave the team after the final roster trimming.