Patriots Hard-Hitting Safety Predicted to Breakout in 2022

The New England Patriots entered the 2022 season with a different roster. Head coach Bill Belichick lost a few starters in the offseason. Newly-signed players will have to replace some of these guys and let’s just say Belichick is super confident about his new team. He should definitely be confident about Kyle Dugger, because the NFL world has high expectations.

Dugger is a key player in the Patriots defense. The second-round pick joined the Patriots in 2020 and his second season in the NFL was more than impressive. He did 92 tackles, 5 tackles for a loss, 5 pass deflections, 4 interceptions, and a fumble recovery. Here’s the cherry on top of the cake. Dugger missed only 8.9% of his attempts.

“He appears to be more comfortable with his role and will rarely give up a big play now that he’s adapted to the pro game,” Bleacher Report’s Alex Kay wrote. “The rising star safety will likely shine even brighter in 2022.”

Patriots players expect great things from Dugger in 2022

Dugger has an excellent friendship with his teammates. Devin McCourty appreciates his potential and everything Dugger has accomplished in his NFL career.

“I love Dug,” McCourty told reporters on June 9, via NESN. “The way he’s able to not care about what people are saying about him, what he’s done in the past — being a DII player — he doesn’t care about any of that. Dug shows up, can do everything, can play in the deep part of the field, can cover.

“Obviously, if you watched any of our games, you know he can knock your head off. I just love watching him grow. I think sky’s the limit for him.”

Dugger has built quite a reputation for himself. Belichick will sure do his best to keep him around in the future. New England needs players like Dugger.

“He wants to do the right things on the field, and I think that’s the recipe not only to be a good player — especially in this system to be one of the better safeties — but also to be the leader of this team and of the defense going forward,” the McCourty twin said. “Watching him develop and doing those things has been fun, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to develop in the future.”