Patriots React to Legendary Coach Retirement Decision

Former New England Patriots coach Romeo Crennel announced his retirement and the team proudly reminded everyone that he was a member of the organization for a nice chunk of his career.

Crennel calls it a career after 50 years of coaching football. He was a NFL coach for 39 years. Not bad, huh? During his time in the league, Crennel had two stints with the Patriots. He was their defensive line coach from 1993 to 1996 and worked as the Patriots defensive coordinator from 2001 to 2004. Let’s not forget that the Patriots won three rings with Crennel working on the offense.

“50 years of greatness, and we’re thankful to have been a part of it,” the team wrote on Twitter. “Congratulations, Romeo!”

Patriots learned a lot from the legendary coach prior to his retirement

The team is grateful for everything Crennel accomplished as their assistant. Those three titles sure mean a thing.

Crennel split his NFL career between the Patriots, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, and Houston Texans.

What can we say… The man loved the game. In his retirement statement, Crennel described his passion for the game. It was like “a dream come true”. Coaching for five decades means a lot. Crennel was an excellent coach and he set up a great example for younger generations. The legendary coach will miss the game. He will miss football fields and coaching talented players.

The former Patriots DC did his best to help players and coaches succeed on and off the field. The best part? Those guys were his family.

In his long NFL career, Crennel won five Super Bowls and made six appearances. He got three rings with the Patriots and two more with the Giants. He can retire now, leaving the NFL world with all his knowledge. Crennel had useful tips for his colleagues and players. We bet they all learned something from him.

Patriots have definitely included some of Crennel’s methods. He was an incredible coach and he has just entered history as one of the better guys to do the job.