Patriots Reportedly Sign Darryl Williams, But Not One You Thought Of

The New England Patriots made a move to sign Darryl Williams. It was a surprising move, because the Patriots signed the center when no one thought they’d make a move. Head coach Bill Belichick made another free agent addition and the 25-year-old will get a chance to make an impact in 2022. NFL insider Jordan Schultz was among the first to report the signing.

The talented center spent the 2021 season with the Kansas City Chiefs as a member of their practice unit. The Chiefs signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2021. Williams played college football at Mississippi State. The Chiefs cut him earlier this week and the Patriots got him right away.

Here comes the fun part…

Patriots sign the other Darryl Williams

Remember running back Darrell Williams? He was the Chiefs’ leading rusher in 2021. He joined the Arizona Cardinals in May. Remember Daryl Williams? He was a starter for the Buffalo Bills in the last couple of seasons and entered free agency this spring.

Well, Belichick signed neither of these players. They got a center who will have to try really hard to earn a spot as a backup lineman. The Patriots have David Andrews at center, but they don’t have someone who will be a backup for the veteran. Will Cole Strange step in as a replacement for the team?

Belichick canceled the final portion of spring practice and players will have some time to rest and prepare for the new season. They will return to the practice field on July 27. Players will have to get ready for another challenging season. Mac Jones and his teammates have to try harder next season. They had a seven-game winning streak in 2021 and we have a few reasons to believe that they will do better in 2022.

Belichick will soon make some changes in the final weeks of the summer. The Patriots have a few tiny holes to cover and NFL analysts have a few suggestions for the head coach. Who will be the next player to join the team? A nice question, right?