Patriots’ Steve Belichick Opens Up About Humorous Facial Expressions Meme

Steve Belichick took notice of each and every meme fans made using his facial expressions. Oh, yes, he sure has tons of them.

Remember when the Patriots were getting ready for the Week 4 game against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Mac Jones and his teammates lost the game, but it was a tough battle for the team.

“I got killed after that game,” Steve said this week on Chris Long’s “Green Light” podcast. “I became a GIF.”

The Patriots defense showed great performance during the game. Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, but Patriots players did their best to neutralize him.

Steve Belichick is the meme king

Something else caught everyone’s attention. Steve’s facial expressions. The NFL world took notice of this and yes, everyone had tons of fun.

“I was just thinking a lot and trying to stay ahead of it,” Belichick told Long. “I’ll never forget after the game, my wife and (former Patriots safety) Pat Chung, they were sitting together watching the game and they just kind of put their arm around me like, ‘It’s going to be OK.’ (I said), ‘What the (expletive) are you talking about?’ They were like, ‘Just battle through it. You’ve been through worse, but battle through it.’ I was just in it, and all my friends loved it. They enjoyed that.”

The Patriots will enter the 2022 NFL season with a great plan. Beat the Buffalo Bills and every other opponent on their schedule. The team lost the wild-card game to the Bulls, but hey, Patriots players did a wonderful job.

The Patriots coaching staff will look different, too. Josh McDaniels is no longer part of the team. It’s a challenging offseason for the team and we all hope for the best.

“We have a saying around here that once you get to the playoffs, only one plane lands, and everyone else crashes and burns in the ocean,” Belichick told Long. “It’s the truth. So only one team’s plane’s going to land, and everyone else is going to crash and burn.”