Proposed Trade Has Lakers Swapping 2 Stars for 2 Stars in Roster Reshaping

NBA fans better get ready for another trade proposal and this one could give the Los Angeles Lakers a couple of top stars.

Russell Westbrook’s situation is a bit complicated right now. Although the Lakers act like they want to keep him around for a while, the NBA world has something else to say.

The Lakers have been linked to several top players this offseason and Brooklyn Nets veteran Kyrie Irving is one of them. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Irving’s contract extension will be making headlines for a really long time. If the veteran wants out, he could easily join the Lakers. Or not?

Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka doesn’t have too much money right now. He can always pull out a trade deal. Brooklyn doesn’t want Westbrook. Anthony Davis and LeBron James won’t go anywhere in 2022-23.

Here’s the catch. Nick Wright from Fox Sports believes that the Lakers could get Ben Simmons and Irving for AD and Russ. Does this make sense?

“I don’t think that works. I don’t think if you’re the LA Lakers, you can trade Anthony Davis for Kyrie Irving,” Wright said on “First Things First.” “So I said to Colin [Cowherd], ‘the Nets would have to give up more.’ So I was like, ‘What is the more?’ Then I said, ‘Wait. What about the biggest, most blockbuster NBA trade ever?’”

Big trade gives Lakers stars with great experience

It may be awkward, but this trade makes sense in several aspects. Russ struggled a lot in his first season with the Lakers.

“If you’re the Lakers, Ben Simmons can play center. LeBron and Kyrie are reunited,” Wright said. “If you’re the Nets and you want to see if it can work with Russ, if there’s any team that has enough shooting, it’s the team that has Seth [Curry], Joe Harris, Patty Mills and Kevin Durant.”

Pelinka and Jeanie Buss may not give up on Davis that easily. When healthy, he is one of the most dominant players in the NBA. However, LA should really contact the Nets and discuss a potential trade.

“That is a trade that I think both teams have an ‘All hands on deck’ meeting for,” Wright said. “Our second and third-best player for your second and third-best player. Let’s see if we can shake the snow globe because, as presently constituted, both teams need to shake the damn snow globe.”