Russell Westbrook Wife Calls Out Skip Bayless: NBA World Responds

Russell Westbrook and his wife are fed up with Skip Bayless’ nonsense. It looks like the analyst likes to tease the couple. “Westbrick” is his favorite word.

Bayless discussed the Los Angeles Lakers and their situation with Westbrook. Oh, yes, he didn’t miss the opportunity to use the word “Westbrick”. Typical Bayless. He picks a victim and does the impossible to destroy their lives. Westbrook is his most recent target.

The Lakers veteran took notice of the ugly comment and told Bayless to watch his mouth. He even warned him to stop saying things he wouldn’t say to his face. Yes, it got really bad. Will it get better? Who knows…

Russell Westbrook and his wife blast Bayless

Russ’ wife, Nina, had a stronger reaction. She reacted to Bayless’ comments and let’s just say made a point. Nina reminded everyone of the latest Supreme Court ruling and criticized Bayless for his insensitivity. Nina doesn’t like the fact that the talking head keeps shaming his family.

“It’s very disheartening that you would choose to continue to shame my family name. Today was a really sad day [for] my daughters and me. The fact that you can’t respect a simple request not to try to tarnish my family name is saddening and such a pile on. It’s extremely hurtful.”

This is not the first time Nina trashed Bayless. She defends her family and does her best to keep Bayless in his position.

The whole “Westbrick” thing is really pitiful. Westbrook faced harsh criticism throughout the entire regular season and fans came up with this nickname. They chanted it during games and his family was there. The veteran was devastated and asked his loved ones to stay away from arenas.

Westbrook’s situation with the Lakers is a bit complicated. NBA analysts advised the Lakers to get rid of him before things get worse. However, Pelinka decided to keep him on his roster and this may not change in the near future. The Lakers have a new head coach and Darvin Ham may find a way to get the best of Russ.