Shaquille O’Neal Makes Bold Claim About Hypothetical Lakers-Warriors Match

Shaquille O’Neal had great performance during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers and yes, he believes that his team had a chance to beat the Golden State Warriors. This may be a bold comment, but O’Neal has a few good reasons to make this claim.

The NBA icon went on The Frank Caliendo Cast. He talked about several major topics and didn’t miss the chance to discuss a hypothetical game between the early 2000s Lakers squad and the Warriors. This game would’ve been fire. Stephen Curry and his teammates are doing an excellent job and made the NBA Finals this season. They beat the Lakers on so many occasions. If you ask O’Neal, he’d say that Curry and his teammates have no chance against the tough Lakers squad. The former Lakers player even said that players would have mocked Curry in their prime.

“We would’ve let Steph Curry drive to the basket and I would have laid his little ass out a couple times,” O’Neal told Caliendo. “Period.”

Shaquille O’Neal supports the Lakers in their game vs Warriors

Brooklyn Nets veteran Kevin Durant had a different story to tell. O’Neal didn’t agree with him.

“I [don’t] have to stop anyone, I have to be stopped, which is impossible to do,” O’Neal told Durant. “Well it was, I’m old now.”

NBA fans would enjoy watching this game. Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green did great job over the years, leading the franchise to multiple titles. They challenged LeBron James and his teams in the playoffs. The Warriors built a strong team and beat their opponents. Well, O’Neal destroyed this picture with his comments.

Warriors players will have a hard time swallowing the comments O’Neal made. They are super confident about their game and Curry’s fans say he is the best shooter in league history. O’Neal said his team would toy with Curry and this is sort of embarrassing. The Warriors veteran may not even respond to this. He is busy trying to win a championship with his team. Curry has been carrying the Warriors on his back for so many years. Outside noise doesn’t bother him.