Tom Brady Makes Gross Promise To Awkward NFL Fan

Tom Brady has earned a lot of fans in his career and he has just made a big promise to one of them. It was definitely the strangest thing we’ve seen these days. The former New England Patriots quarterback received an interesting request on Twitter. It was awkward on so many levels.

Brady is the best quarterback of all time. He is successful on and off the field. The former Patriots quarterback started off his own business long ago. His off-field deals are out of this world. Now he is starting his own underwear brand!

Tom Brady made a promise, fans are excited

The Brady Brand released clothes pieces and fans will now be able to get a line of underwear. So, Gisele decided to promote her husband’s new line and shared a video of him in the underwear. A perfect way to boost a business, right? Well, some people took the whole thing to another level.

Fans got a bit awkward and one of them wanted to get a game-worn pair of underwear if his tweet gets 40K likes. Well, believe it or not, Brady promised to send a pair. This may seem gross to you, but the quarterback would never disappoint his fans.

Why would people do this?

I guess it has something to do with Brady’s dominance in the NFL world. TB12 built a name for himself and people like him.

Announcing his retirement was a big blow for most NFL fans. Brady said he’d retire, but changed his mind and came back for another year. He will put on a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey once again. The Buccaneers didn’t really think that Brady will play again, but he came back with a big surprise in his hands.

The Buccaneers will try to get another trophy with Brady leading the charge. He stopped his former team from getting one of the Buccaneers free agents. He wanted to keep the same squad on the field.

This fan can get a lot of money for that underwear. Brady is a seven-game champion. Getting his undies is sort of a big deal.