Wild Nets Lakers Blockbuster Trade ‘Makes Sense’ For the NBA

The Brooklyn Nets should call the Los Angeles Lakers about a nice blockbuster trade.

That’s what Colin Cowherd believes. His trade suggestion may be crazy, but it sure makes sense.

The Lakers were eliminated from the playoff race for the second straight season. Rob Pelinka will make a lot of big moves this offseason. Trading some of his stars makes sense in so many ways. Is Russell Westbrook the first to go?

The Lakers veteran will earn $47 million next season. How will Pelinka handle this? They can buy Westbrook out or just trade him. Recent reports suggested that the Lakers will probably keep Brodie on their roster for another season. This scenario makes sense again, because the Lakers have a new head coach. Darvin Ham may find a way to use Brodie’s skills and experience.

If you ask Cowherd, he will give you a shocking trade for the Lakers, but they will have to contact Brooklyn.

“I think you have to move off Westbrook because of the toxicity around his game, he can’t play off-ball, and I think he lacks self-awareness. Kyrie came out a month ago and said ‘I screwed up Lebron’ and I was like wow, that’s pretty good. LeBron was crushed when he left, Kyrie is a better player.

“KD wants out of Kyrie but he won’t say it publicly. He wouldn’t have to play with Westbrook. You inherit the contract, don’t play him, and then move him at the deadline and you’re free. The Lakers are not patient, I don’t believe they’re going to draft and develop, I know who they are, and LeBron doesn’t want to wait for the Westbrook thing to unravel.”

Bill Oram from The Athletic is a fan of this scenario.

“I don’t think it’s nuts. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but it makes sense.”

Nets and Lakers to take the crazy blockbuster trade into consideration?

This is a crazy scenario, but we have fans hoping to see LeBron and Irving play on the same team again. They had an ugly breakup in Cleveland and Irving made some questionable moves in the past.

A Western Conference Executive discussed the trade idea. Irving missed a big chunk of this past season due to COVID concerns. Westbrook had issues with Lakers coaches. Will the Lakers agree to trade for Irving?

“It is trading one problem for another problem, but if you are the Lakers, you can live with that,” the executive told Sean Deveney from Heavy. “The Nets are reluctant to commit to Kyrie for the long term because, obviously, they do not know how much he’s gonna play. But the Lakers, they’re more willing. Kyrie and LeBron have their own relationship. They would be happy to get back together. And remember, [Anthony Davis] and Kyrie have a relationship, too. Kyrie was recruiting Davis to go to Boston three years ago, so they have their connection.”