Wild Proposed 3-Team Trade Ships 2-Time All-Star to Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers may get many players and it’s really hard to pick the best scenario for the team. There’s another wild trade proposal and it gives the Lakers a top player.

Enter Zach LaVine. It won’t be easy to get him at all. However, people keep talking about his potential deal with the purple and gold.

Wild trade for the Lakers opens a new topic

Eric Pincus from Bleacher Report suggests that the Lakers may agree to a three-team trade to get LaVine. Will the Orlando Magic take part in the process?

“Because of specific injury exclusions in his contract, triggered by [Jonathan] Isaac missing over 25 games this season, his remaining three years and $52.2 million is now $23.6 million guaranteed,” Pincus detailed on May 11, 2022. “But that team-friendly savings only triggers if Isaac is waived. The Magic could look to move Isaac with Terrence Ross and, if the team drafts Holmgren, perhaps Mo Bamba via sign-and-trade. Would Chicago be willing to take Ross, Horton-Tucker and a first-rounder from the Lakers if LaVine insisted on leaving?

“What would the Lakers need to give to get Orlando to use its cap room on Westbrook? Is dumping Isaac and Ross enough, or would the Magic also require a first-round selection?”

The San Antonio Spurs have the best odds to get LaVine. The Portland Trail Blazers are next in line.

Sean Deveney from Heavy shared the words of an executive suggesting that Klutch Sports is just trying to give LaVine a better deal with the team.

“A lot of this is coming from the agents, where they want to not only get him paid but raise his profile at the same time,” one league source told Heavy. “That is their M.O. The more drama in the process, the better. No one was talking about Zach. Now everyone is. Mission accomplished.

“…It is still Zach’s team. Klutch just wants to make sure everyone knows it.”

There’s one major catch. The Magic may not show interest in this deal.

Let’s see what happens next.