5-Time All-Star Went Off About Lakers LeBron James

The GOAT debate has received a lot of attention lately. DeMar DeRozan may be the latest player to pick a side. Well, the All-Star didn’t say LeBron James was the greatest of all time, but his comments were definitely telling.

LeBron and DeRozan joined forces in the Drew League, leading the MMV Cheaters to a win. The NBA veteran went on “The Draymond Green Show” to talk about this win and used the opportunity to talk about LeBron. According to him, King James did a wonderful job on the floor and his appearance was crazy. It was a nice gesture and fans were really excited. LeBron joined the Drew League for the first time since 2011. So, yes, it was special.

“Just to see the kids out there bein’ able to see LeBron James come play in Compton, like you cannot beat that,” DeRozan said. “You know and the atmosphere was one of a kind. It was special. I was honored to be a part of it and, you know, I gotta give credit to Bron. You talkin’ about a guy that’s the GOAT in our league, goin’ into his 20th season, you know, goin’ out there playin’. Like what we grew up watchin’, you know what I mean? It was an amazin’ feelin’. I had a great time just bein’ out there, you know, playin’ with him obviously.”

The All-Star watched LeBron James do his magic

LeBron enjoyed being himself on the floor and even got into a thing with officials. He was all-in in this one. LeBron’s 42 points led the team to a win. He also delivered 16 rebounds, four steals, and three assists.

DeRozan talked about the impact LeBron had during the game. His off-court impact was even bigger. Those kids will always remember the day the MMV Cheaters won thanks to LeBron and DeRozan.

“You just look around, it was (a) couple moments where I just looked around and you see kids, you know, just the smile and the excitement on their face,” DeRozan said. “Like that’s somethin’ that they gon’ remember forever, you know, and that’s what it’s all about.”