Asante Samuel Shares Take On Who Deserves Credit For Patriots Dynasty

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick led the New England Patriots to nine Super Bowl appearances. They had to part ways after two decades and people started talking about the factors that led to this breakup. Brady left the Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Did Brady help the Patriots become champions? Was it Belichick? Former Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel discussed the Patriots dynasty and made things a little clearer for everyone. He appeared on the “I Am Athlete” podcast and talked to Brandon Marshall, Adam Jones, LeSean McCoy, and D.J. Williams. McCoy had an opportunity to play with Brady in New England and Tampa Bay.

“Before Belichick got with the Patriots, in my opinion, he was a regular degular,” McCoy was the first to discuss the Patriots dynasty. “He got a little love from (Bill) Parcells, so he rode that coattail. This dude goes to the Patriots. He got all these hall of fame greats on defense. Then, he gets the best player I’ve ever seen play football, Tom Brady. I played with him. He (Samuel) played with him.”

“Why did y’all won, because of that head coach (Arians)? No,” Samuel said.

“Brady,” McCoy replied.

“The head coach came out and said it, I ain’t got to do nothing. I just let Tom do his thing. It’s Belichick who got to act like, ‘I’m gonna throw Troy Brown in here at nickelback.’ No, all this stuff is working because of Tom. Troy Brown, yeah, he probably can play nickelback.

“He’s probably good at it, but that ain’t how we won. Just putting on a show, and he can do all of that because of Tom. I’m sitting here. I’m trying to learn the NFL. Trying to figure out how we winning. We got earth, wind and fire coming off the streets starting at cornerback… It’s one x-factor. It’s Tom. This is the truth. That’s the way it goes. It’s because of Tom, but guess what, Tom goes somewhere and wins a Super Bowl. That’s not a credit right there to him? In a COVID year, no practice, no preseason: ‘I’m gonna go win a Super Bowl.’”

Asante Samuel makes a pick in the Patriots Dynasty debate

Marshal reminded everyone of the fact that Belichick is making the biggest decisions in the organization. Brady is not the General Manager, remember? Samuel had something to say about this.

According to Samuel, the Patriots made all those decisions just because Brady was on the team. He said that the Patriots were able to do all those things and sign all those players thanks to Brady. It’s interesting to note that Samuel said that “Belichick still has a way to be the greatest coach.” To do so, the Patriots head coach has to win another ring.