Bill Belichick Compliments Unknown Patriots Wide Receiver

The New England Patriots welcomed a lot of new players this spring. Head coach Bill Belichick will work with new assistants and they will all work with a bunch of newcomers, including a talented wide receiver.

New England selected Tre Nixon in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Ernie Adams picked him and it was a huge honor for the talented player.

Belichick noticed Nixon’s improvement and praised his hard work. There’s more. Belichick said Nixon was “one of the hardest working kids he has on the team.” The WR did a wonderful job in spring activities and that’s more than great news for every Patriots player.

“Yeah, Tre’s worked very hard, too,” Belichick said. “He’s one of the hardest working kids we have on our team. Had a good spring, had a productive spring. Again, it’s the same things we’ve said about Mac [Jones] — he’s way ahead of where he was last year in terms of his physical strength, speed, quickness, route technique, understanding of the offense, defense, so forth. And so, hopefully he’ll continue to make progress as we transfer that into competitive, on-field situations, but he’s certainly prepared himself as well as he can to do that. And he’ll be in a good competitive situation.”

Bill Belichick will get the best of his wide receiver

The best part? Mac Jones has incredible relationship with Nixon.

“He adds that good speed to the group,” Jones said of the wide receiver. “He’s a nice complement, and hopefully he’ll be able to continue to grow like everybody else and we can kind of have a full group here where we can substitute in and out and let those guys go make the plays.”

Nixon joined the quarterback for a few throwing sessions and they did a wonderful job. Nelson Agholor has great words for his fellow wide receiver, too. The veteran wide receiver watched Nixon develop and improve. Belichick will try to get the best of his receivers. He had a big hole in the receiving unit and everything seems to be fine right now.