Ex Fan-Favorite of LeBron James Signs with Lakers Rival

The Los Angeles Lakers are working on their current roster and Rob Pelinka is making some much needed changes. Players go in and out and we can only make guesses at this point. The front office goes through a big challenge right now and yes, everyone could use some help to make things work. LeBron James and Anthony Davis will probably stay around. Bringing a familiar name could do wonders. LeBron has had a lot of teammates in his career. One of them, a fan-favorite, would have been an excellent fit for the Lakers, but he decided to join a rival team.

The Sacramento Kings are getting Matthew Dellavedova and fans started talking about his potential fit alongside LeBron. Dellavedova can play with LeBron as he has no trouble fitting alongside superstars. The Lakers deal with so many problems right now and they could get a second-string guard.

Fan-favorite motivates Lakers to go after big names after signing with rival

Was this a mistake? Will the Lakers regret not getting Dellavedova? They really need a point guard and the veteran player could have taken this role with the team.

Dellavedova averages 5.5 points, 3.7 assists, and 1.8 rebounds per game while going 38.6% from the field and 36.4 from deep. He saw action in 447 regular-season games, 52 playoff games, and of course, won a ring in 2016.

Analysts have made several predictions about the Lakers and there are a few major scenarios for the team. Russell Westbrook may be the biggest issue at the moment. The team has shown interest in several players and Pelinka can easily swap his struggling veteran for another player. Kyrie Irving was commonly mentioned as a target, but he will suit up for the Brooklyn Nets in 2022-23. The Nets may consider moving him, but they deal with a bigger problem at the moment. Kevin Durant has requested a trade and the franchise is focused on finding a trade partner.

This leaves the Lakers with a big question mark on the table. Pelinka should make a move before the front office runs out of options. All the good players will find a home in no time.