Future Hall-of-Famer Calls Speedy Receiver the Patriots ‘Next Great Slot WR’

The New England Patriots have enough fresh power on the football field. Players compete for a spot on the 53-man roster and some of them won’t survive the final roster trimming. According to Richard Sherman, the Patriots should go after a great slot WR. The former Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers star has something to say about Andrew Jamiel and yes, he believes the young player could be an excellent fit for the 2022 Patriots.

That’s exactly what the Patriots did. They had Jamiel for a workout and Sherman was more than excited about the move. It was a great move for the Patriots and Jamiel should get the best of it. Sherman delivered a big message for the Patriots and advised them to get the player before it’s too late.

The Patriots should make a move for the slot WR

Mike Reiss from ESPN reported that Belichick had some questions about the young player, so the Patriots wanted to get an advice from the Hall-of-Famer. Sherman was loud and clear. “What took you so long?” he told the Patriots.

Reis confirmed that the Patriots had four wide receivers and a tight end for a workout a few days ago. These guys have yet to sign a deal and we don’t really know if Jamiel will get his deal with the team.

Josh Hammond got his deal with the Patriots on July 29. Is there enough room for Jamiel? His workout was great after all. Ethan Hurwitz of QU Chronicle reported that Jamiel didn’t get a deal with the Patriots.

We have a few reasons to believe that Belichick could use the speedy receiver. Jamiel did a good job in the FCFL, leading the league with his 21 receptions for 323 receiving yards and eight touchdowns.

If the Patriots don’t get Jamiel, the Chicago Bears may make a move. They traded for N’Keal Harry, but could use an extra pair of hands. This makes Jamiel a good target for the Bears. Let’s see what happens next. Will Belichick let Jamiel go somewhere else?