Julian Edelman Jokingly Takes Shot At Tom Brady For Hollywood Career

Julian Edelman and Tom Brady are on a good way to become Hollywood stars. Well, Brady is the star and Jules has a supporting role. Brady has yet to call it career (again!) and he is already is trying his chances somewhere else. The former New England Patriots quarterback will be part of the broadcasting world after his retirement. He will also be the star in his own movie.

NFL fans are waiting for the release of Brady’s new movie. He produced his movie and we’d all agree that “80 for Brady” is a big deal. It relies on a true story and yes, it’s super funny. Four grannies go on an adventure and watch their favorite QB win a Super Bowl.

This was the perfect opportunity for Brady to reunite with his former teammates. Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski, and Edelman showed up for the shooting of the movie. Jules used the opportunity to tease his former teammate. I guess this has something to do with the fact that he has his own production company.

Julian Edelman joins Tom Brady on his Hollywood adventure

The 2018 Super Bowl champion took to Twitter to take a shot at Brady. It was a joke, of course.

“Guy already has seven Super Bowls, now he’s gunning for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” Edelman wrote.

Brady and Edelman had a really great time together. They were great teammates, friends, and brothers. Brady even said that Jules was his younger brother. They had to part ways after Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was more than enough for fans to start talking about an alleged tension between the wideout and his favorite quarterback. The powerful duo didn’t address rumors. Why bother with outside noise?

As you can see, they are still great friends. Edelman joined the shooting crew and we’ll see the results next year. The wideout retired a couple of seasons ago and he doesn’t really consider returning to the NFL. Brady came out of his retirement and he plans to grab another ring. Is this even possible? Absolutely.