Lakers Analyst Reacts to Russell Westbrook Saga: ‘Lacks Self-Awareness’

The Los Angeles Lakers would never go through the same nightmare again and Rob Pelinka has to find a solution to the Russell Westbrook situation. The Lakers didn’t trade Russ at the deadline and have shown great interest in several players. Several sources suggest that Westbrook’s situation with his current teammates has improved significantly.

Jovan Buha of The Athletic says that Westbrook lacks self-awareness. Did this affect his first season with the Lakers? His stats weren’t that bad, but it wasn’t enough to lead the Lakers to a win.

“Russ does not have the self-awareness to acknowledge that he’s on the back nine of his career,” Buha said on Daily Ding. “He has declined across the board and nobody wants him right now…For the Lakers to flip him, they need to attach at least one asset, in terms of a pick, if not more. Russ is not really acknowledging that and it’s kind of the elephant in the room.”

Lakers may have a solution to Russell Westbrook problem

Thad Foucher is no longer working with Russ. They worked for a really long time, but the Lakers superstar had other plans for his career. Foucher’s ideas didn’t really fit his criteria and the veteran decided to fire his agent.

Foucher doesn’t have bad words for his former client. He believes that Westbrook should keep his position in LA and secure his starting role. Foucher also noted that Darvin Ham will try his best to help Russ fit in the system.

“Now, with a possibility of a fourth trade in four years, the marketplace is telling the Lakers they must add additional value with Russell in any trade scenario. And even then, such a trade may require Russell to immediately move on from the new team via buyout.

“My belief is that this type of transaction only serves to diminish Russell’s value and his best option is to stay with the Lakers, embrace the starting role and support that Darvin Ham publicly offered. Russell is a first-ballot Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame player and will prove that again before he is retired.”