Lakers Are Reportedly Holding Out For 1 Big Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for ways to improve their roster. LeBron James and Anthony Davis will continue their performance and hopefully, win another ring. Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka has shown interest in several players, including Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. He needs help at several positions.

Buddy Hield and Eric Gordon have been popular targets for the Lakers. They would be excellent fits for the team. However, Pelinka may want to wait before he go after the guards. According to Dave McMenamin from ESPN, the Lakers won’t make any move before they close the book on Irving.

“I’ve reported for weeks now the Lakers have interest in trying to find a trade package for both of them,” McMenamin said. “I’m of the opinion, though, they will not pull the trigger on a deal like that until they know absolutely for sure that Kyrie Irving cannot happen and will not happen.”

Lakers wanted to trade for Irving

The Brooklyn Nets veteran is in a rather difficult position. He negotiated his situation with the team and even opted into the final year of his contract. This doesn’t mean a thing. The Nets veteran can easily part ways with the team.

Brooklyn has other priorities. McMenamin reported that the franchise is actually working on a deal for Kevin Durant. Once they handle Durant, the Nets can focus on Irving. It’s funny how the Nets entered the 2021-22 NBA season with a Big 3 on their roster and now they are falling apart.

Hield and Gordon could join the Lakers in a minute. The Indiana Pacers are rebuilding the team and the same goes to the Houston Rockets. Irving is a bigger fish, but his situation is a bit complicated. Pelinka better work on his Plan B and even C. It’s a long summer and the franchise can pull a nice deal before it’s too late. Let’s see what happens in August. Impossible is nothing, remember? LA can save the next season after all. Pelinka and Jeanie Buss will make a few more moves by the end of the offseason.