Lakers Could Swap LeBron James With Future Hall of Famer in Big Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers have to make major changes to their roster. Rob Pelinka has to plan the future of his team. LeBron James won’t play forever and the Lakers may soon consider replacing him with a Hall of Famer.

The Lakers have been linked with several players, including Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. The Brooklyn Nets will do their best to reshape their roster, but they will probably try really hard to keep the superstar on the squad. Irving’s situation is a bit different. His negotiations with the Lakers got stuck in the middle of nowhere. He will probably spend the next season on the Nets roster, but the franchise may lose him in 2023.

Greg Swartz from Bleacher Report believes that LeBron and Durant should swap places. According to him, this swapping makes sense for everyone.

“Set to turn 38 in December, James has to give himself a chance to win championships every single year. The current Lakers roster doesn’t give him an opportunity to do that, especially with the top of the West (Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks) looking absolutely stacked as players like Kawhi Leonard, Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. return from injury.

LeBron James to switch places with the future Hall of Famer

There’s just no way the Lakers make it out of the West, something James has to accept. A trade to Brooklyn gives him a real chance at a fifth championship.”

Durant may be the right person to join the Lakers. However, he may not be interested in playing alongside Russell Westbrook. He has an excellent relationship with Anthony Davis. In other words, KD could easily step in as a replacement for LeBron. This leads us to a different perspective. Will LeBron leave the team? He wants to retire as a Lakers player.

Swartz has an explanation for his scenario.

“Having two top-10 superstars on the roster for the next three-plus years and potential max cap space next summer would breathe fresh air into a Lakers franchise that finished 11th in the West last season.

Durant gets his wish of a trade, doesn’t have to worry about Irving’s availability any longer and can compete for championships for the remainder of his career for one of the most historic franchises in the NBA.”