Lakers Star Forcing a Trade Out of LA

At least one Los Angeles Lakers star may end on the trade block this offseason. Although the team has to make some changes to the roster, Rob Pelinka doesn’t seem to be ready to give up on LeBron James or Anthony Davis. Russell Westbrook may be the best trade option for the team, but NBA teams want him and a first-round pick. Truth is, the Lakers don’t have any first-rounders available. Pelinka added a few picks in the Anthony Davis trade.

The Lakers may go after Kyrie Irving or any other star on the market. Kendrick Perkins from ESPN reported that Russ may force his way out of LA.

“When I look at the Russell Westbrook situation, all right, I applaud Russell Westbrook because if I knew that the organization that I’m signed to right now is trying to actively trade me for Kyrie Irving, there’s no way in hell that I’m even around any one of them,” Perkins detailed during the July 11 episode of “Get Up.” “Now, here’s the thing: Russ actually wants out because he knows that the Lakers want Kyrie Irving, and we all know that the Lakers want Russ out and that they want Kyrie Irving.

“And I said this last week, that they have to be very, very careful that if they don’t get Kyrie Irving, how are they going to get Russell Westbrook to buy back in and to get the best version of himself after what he displayed and how the fans reacted and what he went through last year while playing for the Lakers?”

The Lakers star shuts down trade rumors

The Lakers haven’t made any comments on Westbrook’s trade. The veteran attended the a game at the Lakers summer league and this was probably an effort to tell the world that he’s not going anywhere. Fun fact? LeBron attended the game, too, but he didn’t talk to his teammate.

Westbrook is trying to make it clear he is fully invested in the Lakers,” Brian Windhorst said on the episode of “Get Up.” “He doesn’t want to get traded, he wants to stay there. But he comes to the games, sits on the summer league bench and starts talking and encouraging the players during the timeout. He is fully invested.

“LeBron was moving through town as part of normal business. I think LeBron would like the Lakers to upgrade their roster. The only way they can functionally do that is by trading Russell Westbrook and Westbrook knows this.”

The Lakers have to play wise this offseason. They have a few strong options and Pelinka will make the best move.