Lakers Star Mentions Leaving LA for Eastern Conference Contender

The Los Angeles Lakers will look a lot different in 2022-23. Lakers players are in and out and General Manager Rob Pelinka will make a lot of changes this summer. One Lakers star may consider joining an Eastern Conference contender.

Dwight Howard can see himself playing for the Brooklyn Nets. The eight-time All-Star talked to Bally Sports’ Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson. They mentioned a lot of topics and at one point, Howard said he’d love to join the Nets. Yes, THE Nets. Brooklyn is falling apart. Kyrie Irving will probably stay for another season, but Kevin Durant has requested a trade. Brooklyn has an empty spot following Andre Drummond’s departure. In other words, Howard’s dream may come true.

The Lakers star has a chance to join the Eastern Conference contender

Howard may not get a chance to join the Lakers for another season. He did say he’d love to re-sign a deal with the team.

“Do I want to come back? Why would I want to leave? I want to be cemented somewhere. I love being here. I love the fans,” Howard said. “I would just really like an opportunity to where I can really go out and go out with a bang. I’ve only got a couple years left. So I want an opportunity where I can go out and show my skills and talent and do it in the right way, but also win. I feel like I deserve that.”

Howard is a talented guy and he still trusts his skill set. He is a big guy and NBA teams can easily use a skilled veteran like him.

“Well obviously, I personally still feel like I can do more and bring more, just given the opportunity,” Howard said in April during his exit interview. “But I’m grateful that I had another opportunity to come back here and play here in LA. I know it didn’t end the way that we all hoped for and expected it to, but looking back on this season and there’s a lot to be very thankful for. I thought we ended the season yesterday with some really good energy.

“I know that it was our last game of the season and we won’t be able to compete for a championship, but just the vibe and the energy that was displayed yesterday was very positive. So I think that the future of this team will be a lot better even considering the disappointing season that we had this year.”