Lakers Star’s Career Is In Danger, Says Insider

Russell Westbrook is coming off of the worst season in his NBA career. The Los Angeles Lakers traded three players to get him. Many would agree that Russ was nothing but a bad experiment for the Lakers. He led the NBA in turnovers this past season and fans started calling him Westbrick. General Manager Rob Pelinka had a chance to trade Westbrook at the deadline, but he couldn’t find a good trade partner. Now we have analysts saying that the Lakers star may soon bring his career to an end.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis wanted the Lakers to get Westbrook. Now they want to get Kyrie Irving. The Brooklyn Nets veteran got into negotiations with the team, but his situation hasn’t changed a bit. Swapping Russ for Irving makes sense. LeBron has won a ring with Irving and their relationship seems to be fine after all these years. This doesn’t apply to LeBron’s relationship with Russ. They attended the Lakers Summer League opener but didn’t talk at all.

Lakers star to finish his career earlier than expected

Tim Bontemps of ESPN believes that Westbrook will have to call it career after his first season with the Lakers.

“He might be out of the league after the Lakers,” Bontemps said on “The Hoop Collective” podcast.

Tim McMahon from ESPN couldn’t agree more. He even provided extra details.

“Dallas said hell no when asked about signing Russ … he can play for the Ducks in China,” McMahon said.

Westbrook couldn’t hide his frustration every time fans booed him. He hated the “Westbrick” part mostly because his family had to witness the disrespect. The veteran is confident about his performance. He is an experienced veteran after all.

Kendrick Perkins added salt to the injury. He compared Westbrook to Allen Iverson.

Iverson was a dominant force back I the days. However, he didn’t take a lesser role and this selflessness put an end to his career.

Westbrook is in a terrible position right now. We can only make guesses at this points. Let’s see how things go later this summer.