LeBron James Has Strong Feelings About Potential Trade From Lakers

Is there any chance for LeBron James to end up the trade block and leave the Los Angeles Lakers? Yes, a few people believe that the Lakers would be better off without him. LeBron is the best NBA player in league history and some people still question his potential. He may be aging, but age has nothing him. Moreover, LeBron had crazy stats last year. Yes, the Lakers didn’t even make the playoffs, but it wasn’t his fault. He did his thing and had a chance to win the MVP award. It didn’t happen. The Lakers had a terrible record and LeBron missed the chance to add another MVP award to his portfolio.

The Brooklyn Nets have been mentioned as a potential trade partner for the Lakers. Kyrie Irving the hottest topic last month. He opted into his deal with the Nets. Here comes the shocker. Kevin Durant requested a trade and now we have people saying that he should replace King James.

LeBron James doesn’t support his trade away from the Lakers

Chris Broussard from Fox Sports discussed this proposal. According to him and his sources, LeBron doesn’t even think of leaving LA.

“No, because I talked to somebody close to LeBron, and LeBron would not want this to happen,” Broussard said on Fox Sports’ “Undisputed.” “And I think the Lakers respect him enough that they’ll do what he wants to do. If he doesn’t want to be traded, I don’t think they’ll trade him. Obviously, he wants to win a championship, but he’s not desperate to the point where he’s gonna uproot his family in a place where he’s happy to go somewhere where he doesn’t want to be.”

KD may be a big fish, but his trade request didn’t go the way he planned. Brian Windhorst from ESPN was the first to report this.

“The market for Durant has not been as lucrative as the Nets were hoping, and the market for Kyrie is very thin. It’s essentially the Lakers, and the trade offer isn’t great,” Windhorst said on “Get Up.”

LeBron is not going anywhere, but he will definitely have new teammates next season.