LeBron James Shares Emphatic Message For Bronny Critics

Bronny James got the good genes from his dad and grew up in the spotlight. He didn’t have a “normal” childhood. Millions of people grew up idolizing King James. Bronny had to adjust to all the noise and criticism surrounding his popular father. LeBron James even gave him his name. Yes, the four-time NBA champion regrets naming his oldest son after him. It was a good idea back in the days, but LeBron wouldn’t mind changing this at any given time. Similar to his dad, Bronny has to deal with ugly comments from his critics.

Many would agree that Bronny is one of the better young prospects. Sadly, some people trash his game, saying that he can’t even shoot the ball.

Bronny to shut down critics

King James is well aware of this criticism. He hears people talk. Although outside noise never bothers him, LeBron decided to address this criticism. He shared a highlight video of his son and the message says it all.

“Young [king] coming for what’s his! Don’t want nothing given, everything is EARNED!! Let’s keep working kid! #JamesGang,” LeBron caption his video.

Bronny’s road to the NBA is filled with obstacles. Critics may have damaged his reputation. According to the latest Rivals high school player rankings, the young king slipped more than 30 spots down this list. He ranked at No.29 and now he ranks at No.60. It’s not a bad spot, but hey, it’s a serious drop.

Rivals.com reported that LeBron’s son has received plenty of interest from Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, and other schools. Duke and UCLA showed medium interest in the kid, but only North Carolina Central made an actual offer to Bronny.

Bronny’s most recent ranking may keep blue blood schools at a bay. Hopefully, Bronny will make a huge leap back up in his ranks. Will LeBron let his son join a non-blueblood program?

King James plays elite basketball. He is the best to play the game after all. We have a few good reasons to believe that LeBron won’t retire before he spends a season playing with his son. Is this even possible? Bronny will have to become a one-and-done college player or join the G-League Ignite team and end up in the draft after a season.