Look: Bill Belichick Girlfriend Has 7-Word Message Before Season

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are entering a really important season and girlfriend Linda Holliday is here to support them. Yes, NFL coaches spent most of the season on the football field, meaning Belichick won’t be really available throughout the regular season. However, Holliday knows that football is his passion and she has the best wishes for her boyfriend.

“Best of luck this season my baby!” she wrote.

Bill Belichick and his girlfriend to celebrate a successful season

Belichick and the Patriots promised to prove doubters wrong. They have a young quarterback leading the team. Mac Jones and his teammates had a seven-game winning record in 2021. Belichick and his assistants have high expectations from this group. Yes, the Patriots lost a few valuable players in the offseason, but he was able to gather an excellent group of players who can make impact on the football field.

Jones made a lot of changes this offseason. He changed his diet and improved his physique. Many would agree that Jones looks better than ever. He changed his snack choices and made some vital changes to his nutrition. Patriots coaches praised his hard work and veterans can’t wait to see more from him. David Andrews praised Jones’ leadership skills. Julian Edelman took to Twitter to tell the world that he can’t wait to see more from Jones in his second year in the NFL.

Patriots brought back some familiar faces and selected a few new names in the 2022 NFL Draft. These players have established an excellent connection with Jones. In other words, the Patriots are more than ready to beat their opponents in the upcoming season.

Holliday will be there watching games and supporting her boyfriend. Belichick doesn’t share much information about his private life. He ignored questions related to his life outside the NFL. Belichick wants to secure the future of his Patriots team. They have a young quarterback and Belichick wants to make sure that both the offense and the defense work better than before. Players had some struggles in the past few seasons, but all the pieces seem to be falling into place. Let’s see what happens after training camp. The Patriots have plenty of time to adjust their roster.