Mac Jones For NFL MVP? Former Exec Builds Case For ‘Sneaky’ Candidate

The New England Patriots had a few great reasons to trust quarterback Mac Jones and some even say he should be the NFL MVP. Of course, the Alabama prospect almost got the individual award. He led the team to a seven-game winning streak, beating strong rivals in the regular season. The Patriots lost the wild-card game to the Buffalo Bills.

It’s interesting to note that Jones wasn’t the top pick in the class of quarterbacks. Fun fact? He did better than other rookie quarterbacks.

Enter doubters. Some people question Jones’ potential and his chances to be a franchise quarterback. Jones doesn’t have much experience in the NFL and we don’t really understand where did this hate come from. Jones did a decent job and he will definitely have another good season. According to Mike Tannenbaum, Jones should get ready for a breakout campaign.

“Mac Jones. This is an offense in 2021 that averaged more points than the Tom Brady-led 2020 New England Patriots. So, from a standpoint of, they have actually improved since Mac Jones took over,” Tannenbaum said during his appearance on ESPN’s Get Up. “They were sixth in the league in points, they went to the playoffs. I think he has high character. They got two really good running backs, two really good tight ends. This is more of a wide receiver by committee. I really like Mac Jones.”

Mac Jones to have a MVP season

Tannenbaum is really excited about Jones’ potential. He even said that he is a young superstar.

Jones is building a strong relationship with his teammates. They praise his leadership skills and have high expectations from his new season. He is a hard-working guy and now he will have to bond with his new teammates. The Patriots brought a lot of new names in the offseason. Connecting with his targets is a priority for Jones. Let’s see what happens in training camp first. Some players will have to try harder than others. Jones was brilliant in spring OTAs, so he doesn’t have to prove anything at this point.