Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Listed 2023 Pro Football HOF Semifinalist

The New England Patriots are led by a real legend and team owner Robert Kraft is a HOF semifinalist for a reason. Kraft did a lot of great things during his time as an owner and this is the ultimate praise for his great work. Bill Belichick helped him build a dynasty and things went really well for the team in the last 20 years and more.

Many would agree that Kraft earned his spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If this happens, he will be the eighth team owner to be enshrined in the HOF.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame confirmed 54 semifinalist in the “Seniors, Coaches, and Contributors” categories for the Class of 2023. Kraft was added to the group of former players, coaches, owners, front office personnel, and media members. The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s senior committee elected candidates. The 2023 list of semifinalists has 25 former players and 29 non-players.

Robert Kraft is a HOF semifinalist again

Kraft became an owner of the Patriots in 1994. He bought the team after a great row of events. The Patriots owner was first listed as a candidate in the very same year he bought the organization. New England won six Super Bowls in the last two decades, meaning Kraft has definitely earned this honor.

Outside factors played a big role in his enshrining. Let’s not forget that the Patriots owner faced soliciting charges in 2019. Hidden surveillance cameras confirmed that he had used the services in a Jupiter massage parlor. Prosecutors tried really hard to win the case, but Kraft’s legal team freed him of every charge. Setting cameras inside the massage parlor was illegal and this was just one big hole in the case. Kraft is a free man now. His team stopped the release of the video after a long struggle.

These charges kept him away from the enshrining process. Kraft wasn’t listed as a finalist in the last three years. He is a semifinalist now and we really hope that he gets his reward.

Stanley Mogan and Frank Kilroy have also been listed as semifinalist this year.