Patriots Reunion Takes Place on Set of Tom Brady Movie

The New England Patriots lost their star quarterback a few seasons ago, but fans will have an opportunity to witness their reunion thanks to Tom Brady. The former Patriots quarterback stars his own movie, “80 for Brady”, and he sure had some help from some of his teammates. Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski were more than excited to join the GOAT.

This comedy is a big deal and the story revolves around four gorgeous ladies in their 80s. They are diehard Brady fans and yes, they gather for a little adventure so they can watch their favorite QB win a title.

Patriots fans excited about the reunion of Brady and his buddies

Brady may no longer be part of the Patriots family, but he has close tied with most of his former teammates.

“We’ve been part of a lot of battles together,” Brady told Variety. “We’ve never been on a movie set together, but it felt like we were back in the locker room when we were there. Anytime I get my friends involved in things that I’m doing, it makes it that much more enjoyable for me.

“When Danny, Jules, Gronk and I were on set wearing our old uniforms, it was such a great flashback. Like deja vu all over again.”

Brady announced his retirement earlier this offseason. His family was really supportive and this was supposed to be the best decision for everyone in the family. Brady changed his mind and decided to sign another deal with the Buccaneers. He is the GOAT, remember?

“I would say it’s year to year: Could this be my last year? Absolutely. Could I change my mind? Absolutely,” he said. “I’ve realized I don’t have five years left. I want to do it my way. I want to give it everything I got and see where I’m at. My body feels really good. I’ve had a lot of traumatic injuries over the years, but if things go really smoothly and we win, that’d be great.”

Brady doesn’t belong in the stands and we could all agree on this one. He is a star and stars own the top. TB12 has set up a nice example for each and every young NFL player out there. Let’s see if Mac Jones manages follows his lead.