Patriots Roster Hopeful Opens Up About Sudden Position Change

The New England Patriots will make all the necessary changes to adjust the roster to perfection. Most players hope to get a spot on the Patriots roster and some of them will have to accept a big change. Bill Murray is one of these players. He has just joined the offensive line and he did that just because Patriots coaches wanted him to try himself on the other side of the ball.

The Patriots signed Murray as an undrafted rookie. He played defensive lineman this whole time. Belichick wanted him to do guard this time and Murray embraced the new role in training camp. He was more than happy to accept the challenge and improve his game.

“I’m just here to help the team out in any way possible,” Murray said after Saturday’s practice. “Coach wanted me to try out offensive line, so I’m going to give it everything I’ve got and help out the team any way I can.”

Patriots talented player does his best to overcome the change

Murray had to accept the change and see if he does better on the other side. It’s a recent change and Murray was definitely surprised. And grateful, of course.

“Oh, I’m excited,” he said. “It’s an opportunity. All I can be is just be grateful for this opportunity, take it (in) stride and get better every day.”

The Patriots have made so many similar changes. They swap positions and do experiments to find the best winning formula. Push defensive players to the O-line? Why not? It worked in the past.

“It’s a whole new position,” Murray said. “It’s very tough. My teammates have been very helpful, Coach has been very helpful and every day I’m just trying my best to get better every day. That’s all I can do.”

Murray likes the fact that Belichick referenced Stephen Neal as inspiration for him. Neal played defensive end and then moved to the offense, starting 81 games as a guard for the Patriots. Belichick really likes him and yes, it was really flattering for Murray. Let’s see if Belichick likes him better at this position.