Photo Of LeBron Youngest Son, Bryce, Goes Viral

LeBron James’ son goes viral with every move he makes. Yes, Bronny is slowly developing into a star. He will have a bright future in the world of basketball and he will definitely have great success in the NBA one day. Here comes the good part. Bronny’s younger brother, Bryce Maximus, seems to be ready to steal the spotlight. Young Bryce is incredibly talented and it seems like he grew up. Charming Bryce is no longer little kid. He is a really tall young man and his most recent photo went viral for obvious reasons.

Bryce didn’t grab much attention over the years. Everyone was talking about Bronny and his success with his high school team. NBA analysts make predictions about Bronny’s success on the basketball court and they all compare him to his famous dad. The same people are now comparing Bronny to his younger brother. Both kids got the good genes from LeBron and do crazy stuff on the floor. I mean, they get to practice with the GOAT.

LeBron and his talented son make headlines all the time

LeBron once said that his sons get up really early to shoot the ball. It’s like a family routine. Being the son of LeBron James is a big deal and these kids grew up in the spotlight. It comes with a price though. NBA fans want them to be better than their father. LeBron won five rings so far. Bronny and Bryce will have to work really hard to match the king’s dominance.

King James said he plans to finish his NBA career with the team that selects his oldest son. He would love to share the court with Bronny. It would be like a dream come true for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. Bryce may not be on the same team with his dad, but LeBron will be standing right by his side, watching him win games. These kids have all the talent in this world and they better get the best of it. Let’s see what happens in a few years. We can’t wait for these kids to bloom.