Rival GM Puts Lakers on Notice With Strong LeBron James Warning

The Los Angeles Lakers deal with so many rumors about LeBron James and they have just received a huge warning. LA has to rebuild the roster and several analysts advised the front office to trade LeBron. Some would even swap him for Kevin Durant. KD requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, adding more fuel to the fire.

To be honest, Jeanie Buss wouldn’t really trade her superstar. She got LeBron for a reason. LeBron likes his team and his impact is more than obvious. Why would he leave the team at this point? LeBron would never agree with a trade.

An Eastern Conference executive told Heavy that LeBron may finish his career somewhere else.

“It is possible (that LeBron leaves the Lakers). Of course, it is. Who thought Kevin Durant was a flight risk two months ago? Things change and players are taking more and more power and no one has more power than LeBron—if he wants out, he will get out. They had the injuries last year and the year before, and pretty much every year that he has been there except the championship year.

That’s not the organization’s fault. And the personnel, he had a lot of say on that, you can’t put that all on the organization. But it has not been a completely happy marriage and he could be a free agent next summer, a lot of teams will have cap room. It’s not his first choice, leaving. But it is not off the table, it would seem.”

The Lakers have to take the LeBron warning seriously

LeBron had great stats last season and almost got the MVP award. His team didn’t make the playoffs and that’s the only thing that stopped him from getting the award.

What about Russell Westbrook? He struggled to make an impact on the basketball court. LeBron and Anthony Davis wanted him on their team, but Westbrook’s struggles destroyed their relationship. Pelinka didn’t trade Westbrook and we can’t even predict his next move.

Brian Windhorst from ESPN discussed LeBron’s relationship with Russ.

“A year ago, everything LeBron and Westbrook did, they were like arm-in-arm throughout the entire lead up to the season. So there’s no doubt about the erosion in their relationship here. We know that Westbrook, at the end of the season, spoke about LeBron and Anthony Davis paying lip service in letting him play his game. We also know that of course, LeBron wants the roster upgraded to include Kyrie Irving, and that means trading Westbrook,” Windhorst said.