Skip Bayless Drops Huge Truth Bomb On LeBron James

Skip Bayless was never a fan of LeBron James. Well, it seems like the analyst is trying to take his “game” to a higher level every time he talks about the four-time NBA champion.

LeBron has accomplished more than any other player in the NBA. His game is sharp and clean, and yes, he is the GOAT. No one could ever question his potential. Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson wanted to get LeBron and signed him on the first day of his free agency. The Lakers haven’t been winning lately, but the front office didn’t place the blame on the superstar. LeBron did his best to lead the team to the playoffs. In fact, he had a MVP season!

Bayless is not someone who’d support LeBron. We have fans saying that his criticism for the king of basketball actually kept his career alive. The Fox Sports analyst didn’t like any of this and decided to offer a little explanation.

“I’m not trying to tear him down because he does that himself,” Bayless said. “He tears himself down by missing all those threes and missing all those FTs, but just this past regular season, LeBron finished 93rd in the NBA in three-point shooting, while taking the 15th most three-point shots. That math doesn’t work for me.”

Skip Bayless trashes LeBron James in every possible occasion

Will he ever stop? I don’t think so. Bayless was the first to criticize LeBron for his appearance at the Drew League. King James showed up for the event for the first time since 2011. He joined forces with DeMar DeRozan and his 42 points were more than enough to lead his team to a win. Bayless has something to say about it.

The Lakers signed LeBron for a reason. He is a winner. Sadly, the team had two terrible seasons. Will this push LeBron out of LA? Buss has nothing but words of praise for her superstar. Why would she trade/cut him now? That would be the ultimate disrespect.

The Lakers have been linked to several players in the last couple of months. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler… Rumors didn’t stop here. Could any of these players replace LeBron?

“It is possible (that LeBron leaves the Lakers). Of course, it is,” an Eastern Conference exec said. “Who thought Kevin Durant was a flight risk two months ago? Things change and players are taking more and more power and no one has more power than LeBron—if he wants out, he will get out. They had the injuries last year and the year before, and pretty much every year that he has been there except the championship year.

“That’s not the organization’s fault. And the personnel, he had a lot of say on that, you can’t put that all on the organization. But it has not been a completely happy marriage and he could be a free agent next summer, a lot of teams will have cap room. It’s not his first choice, leaving. But it is not off the table, it would seem.”