Skip Bayless Fires Humiliating Shot at LeBron James

Skip Bayless was never really a fan of LeBron James. Moreover, he uses each and every opportunity to trash the four-time NBA champion. King James took part in the Drew League and Bayless thought it would be nice if he trashes him. As usual.

LeBron showed up at the Drew League for the first time since 2011. His performance was brilliant and yes, his team beat the opponents. The Lakers superstar joined forces with DeMar DeRozan, leading the team to a big win.

“Love it that LeBron played in the Drew League today. But: he shot only 2-13 from three??? He missed the late free throw that would’ve at least clinched overtime? Some things never change,” Bayless tweeted.

Skip Bayless motivates LeBron James without even knowing it

I guess Bayless ignored the fact that LeBron scored 42 points, 16 rebounds, four steals, and three assists in the game. He shot 50% from the field and 15.4 from deep.

LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers are coming off of a bad season. The GOAT had great stats but his team was eliminated from the playoff race and LeBron missed the chance to add another title to his resume.

Several analysts believe that LeBron will take his talent somewhere else this offseason. He came to LA to win titles, but his team wasn’t really winning this past season. Fun fact? LeBron had a chance to get the MVP award, but the poor record his team had pushed him away from the competition.

An Eastern Conference executive discussed LeBron’s future with the Lakers. According to him, King James may finish his career somewhere else. He will be an unrestricted free agent, remember?

“It is possible (that LeBron leaves the Lakers). Of course, it is. Who thought Kevin Durant was a flight risk two months ago? Things change and players are taking more and more power and no one has more power than LeBron—if he wants out, he will get out. They had the injuries last year and the year before, and pretty much every year that he has been there except the championship year.

That’s not the organization’s fault. And the personnel, he had a lot of say on that, you can’t put that all on the organization. But it has not been a completely happy marriage and he could be a free agent next summer, a lot of teams will have cap room. It’s not his first choice, leaving. But it is not off the table, it would seem,” The executive told’s, Sean Deveney.