Source Close to LeBron James Reveals Superstar Won’t Be on Board With Being Traded to Nets for Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets are dealing with a major issue right now. Many thought that Kyrie Irving would be the first to leave the team. The Los Angeles Lakers were possible destination for the star player. LeBron James liked this trade. Well, it won’t happen this season. Irving opted into the final year of his deal and he will spend the 2022-23 season with the Nets. Irving is not going anywhere, but the franchise may lose another superstar. Several analysts say that LeBron should be traded for Kevin Durant.

Is this even possible? Well, Durant has just requested a trade from the Nets. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the team is already looking for a trade partner. Brooklyn tried really hard to keep KD on their roster and this was more like a priority for the front office.

LeBron to be traded for Kevin Durant? Analysts discuss the topic

The Nets had a Big 3 on the floor this past season. This increased their chances to win a championship, but their entire roster is falling apart. James Harden was the first to leave the team. Irving missed a big chunk of the regular season due to COVID protocols and his negotiations with the Nets are pretty messy. Now they are losing Durant!

Enter the Los Angeles Lakers. Rob Pelinka is rebuilding his team, too. Although we have a few reasons to believe that Jeanie Buss won’t give up on LeBron that easily, a handful of people say the Lakers should get KD. This blockbuster trade would be the most shocking news this summer. How does LeBron feel about this?

Chris Broussard was among the first to report that LeBron won’t support it. The four-time NBA champion led the team to a win. Yes, the Lakers missed the playoffs twice since the title win in Orlando, but LeBron’s stats are pretty awesome. Buss respects LeBron and everything he brings to the floor. She believes that he is one of the most influential players in the NBA today. The same goes to other members of the front office. They wouldn’t trade LeBron for anything in the world.

Let’s see what happens later in the offseason. Robert Horry said LeBron may end on the trade block. What do you think?